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As well as concentrating on different weather patterns in specific areas we also enter into partnerships with weather stations around the world giving us broader information to get a look at the wider picture.

Having access to information around the world allows us to track weather systems on a much larger scale as well as finding out how weather systems in other parts of the world can impact our own.

With large scale weather systems like Hurricanes we have seen long lasting changes across the world, tracking and documenting this can help to protect us in future.

As well as trading information and allowing our findings to be used across the world we are also implementing exchange schemes allowing us to study completely different weather conditions in different areas around the world.

This is a great opportunity for us to not only experience different weather conditions but also learn and teach different techniques that will give us a better overall understanding and accurate figures.

As governments across the world understand just how important this information is we are seeing funding allow these projects that may not have been given the green light just a few short years ago.

We'd really like to thank the folks at MJT Controls in Plymouth for recently helping us out with a big problem we had at our Loughton Base. While monitoring rainfall density and comparing with local river pollution levels, one of our main pump systems malfunctioned, risking potentially 3 month's worth of data. We are extremely thankful they helped us source new potterton boiler spare parts to get the pump working again and put us back on track.

It goes to show that every walk of life can be involved to help monitor weather.