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Loughton Trial

Over the last few weeks we’ve started a new trial system here for the site. We’ve been setting up shop in Loughton to see if we can monitor weather on a much more localised level.

So far it’s been hard work logistically to get things up and running, but even if you type Loughton in to the search bar, you’ll see that the results are much more truthful to what the current situation is like.

We know this is a hard thing to judge if you’re not in the area of course, but if it works we do plan on extending out to other towns across the country and are hoping to track weather in a way that has never been so convenient before.

We’d highly recommend you search online to find out about properties in the area. We only decided to do this ambitious project about two months ago and with their help we found a space to be located in within just a week. We had looked at a number of great London locations that included the world famous Harley Street, home to some of the best oncology and cancer research and treatment centers in the world as well as near near London Bridge and another near the LOC Wellington before settling on Loughton.